Don’t Dodge Around This Book

One of two covers of Terry Pratchett’s magnificent book: Dodger.

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One of two covers of Terry Pratchett’s magnificent book: Dodger.

Addy Bennett, Editor-in-Chief

Sir Terry Pratchett, a familiar face in the world of writing, has published yet another thrilling novel.  This book centers on the life of a seventeen year old who calls himself Dodger.  He toshes for a living (looks for things of worth in London’s sewers) and lives with a Jewish man named Solomon, who is as wise as his namesake.

When he saves a young lady from her tormentors, he is sucked into an adventure far beyond any expectation.  While he goes about protecting his “damsel in distress” from the villains of Victorian London, he is named a hero multiple times and continues to reap the benefits.

The story showcases the life of the average person in the 19th century, and while characters can sometimes be less than heroic, the occasional few will prove themselves again to the reader.  Because it was a dog-eat-dog world, Dodger sometimes steals to live, but his character improves as the story progresses in hopes of winning the young lady’s heart.

It is suspenseful and heart-lifting, brimming with raw wit and wry humor.  It is a history book stuck inside a novel, and the story makes the history exciting. This is a work of art that deserves a place in every household, and teenagers are sure to fall in love with it.