Out Of The Black And Into The Light


Anthony Airdo, Columnist

Most bands have a guitarist. Not Royal Black. They only have a bassist (who also serves as the lead singer) and a drummer. But, they rock just as hard, if not harder than most bands, and their stripped down style gives their sound a huge boost in volume and power. Their debut EP comes packed with four furious, ripping songs, and is a steal at it’s sub-$4 price.

“Out of the Black” opens with a roar, with the song the EP is named for. The song tears through heavy jams with squealing vocals, boasting nothing but pure power and intensity. Bringing echoes of Death From Above 1979, the song has a thunderous end that is impossible to forget.

“Little Monster” is a much groovier song, reminiscent of a Queens of the Stone Age song in almost every way. The final chorus captures an amazing vibe, an almost pure nirvana of sound. “Come On Over” is the definitive train song, and the riff is beautiful. “Hole” may be the weakest song on the album, but it still bites hard.

The entire EP never lets up, and this may be one of the strongest debuts a band has ever had. Their future is a bright one, and I can’t wait to hear the next years of their career.