Looper Review

Aaron Ruacho, Columnist

Looper, a science fiction action movie that was released this past September, is packed with paradoxes, action, and a major identity crisis. The film is set  in the year 2074, when time travel is invented;  it is immediately outlawed, because of the dangers that come with the ability to change the past.   However, it is secretly used by the mob as a weapon of control; any present “issues” are addressed through a type of preventative maintenance, called a Looper.  Eventually, every Looper will meet this fate themselves through a paradox, which is called closing the loop. When a new boss called “The Rainmaker” starts closing loops in the future, the protagonist, Joe, is surprised to find himself standing in front of… himself.

The special effects of this film were impressive, especially during one scene involving an escaped man from the future. The use of slow motion cinematography enhanced several key moments in the film. Also, the makeup was impressive, especially when the young Joe (Levitt) runs into the old Joe (Willis); Levitt’s facial features were aged and made more similar to Willis’ through use of contact lens and a prosthetic nose.

The writing was very good, especially the dialogue between Levitt and Willis. I mean, what would you possibly say to yourself?  But the interactions were engaging and avoided predictable meeting-yourself-in-the-future exchanges. The only thing I didn’t like was a character named Kid Blue whose purpose was questionable; his constant search for approval detracted from the plot line and diluted the powerful moments.

Besides the minor flub of an annoying character, the movie was very entertaining, with a surprise ending as well.  It kept my attention the entire time, with action, creative dialogue, and an unpredictable plot.  I give this movie four stars of five.