Spring Fashion Report


White with intricate and dainty embroidery is a popular spring fashion trend. Photography by Eric Hason (erichason.com), Model Deana Chuzhinina (basicmodelmgmt.com), Makeup Artist Veronika Roboba, Fashion styling by Anja Asato and others at LIM Summer Fashion Lab, Fashion Director Joseph Ungoco

With the weather getting warmer, it’s time to put away the big cozy sweaters and bring out your shorts, blouses, and dresses. Unlike the typical styles seen after every winter, there are some fresh trends for this year’s spring fashion including new twists on classic staples, traditional winter/fall trends reworked, and edgier takes on lace and florals. Adding some new trendy pieces and adjusting clothing you already own can set your outfits apart from others in a sea of pastels and florals.

Spring clothing will mainly involve colors from the Pantone Spring 2013 Color Report, which includes a mix of muted pastels, a few brighter colors, and a single darker color (monaco blue).  Emerald, the color of the year, appears on the report, and clothing items in this color can be fashionable throughout the year.  Brighter colors include lemon zest, nectarine, and poppy red which add to the vibrant mix of colors for the season.

The trends that are similar to more classic styles include bermuda shorts, sheer fabrics, ruffles, and stripes.  However, these trends have debuted differently than they have typically been worn in the past.  Bermuda shorts worn with blazers or as formal wear, were seen in fashion shows by stylist and fashion designer, Rachel Zoe.  Stripes, especially black and white, were seen in dresses and flowing shirts.  Sheer fabric has made yet another appearance this year with panels of sheer used in loose fitting shirts and dresses.  Ruffles are another more expected trend, but designers like Chloé have used it to create full skirts or dresses that are feminine without being juvenile.  Whites with intricate and dainty embroidery are a small shift from lace for spring.

Despite what most people associate with spring fashion, quite a few new trends have dared to draw from other seasons and use unconventional colors and fabrics.  Animal print, especially reptile prints, are typically seen in fall/winter fashion shows, but they have been predicted as a spring trend this year using brighter colors.  The sunny weather also does not mean that leather items need to be put into storage; designers Jason Wu, Saint Laurent and others included leather pants, skirts, and jackets in their spring lines.  Although small florals are sure to be sold at department stores throughout the season, graphic florals in big and bold patterns are a huge trend.  Similar to the head-to-toe snow white that was popular in the winter, head-to-toe black ensembles are a spring trend.  Mesh is another interesting trend, as it could be an evolution of the typical lace trend from past years.

The trends and styling seen in fashion shows are definitely not necessarily for street wear, but by taking a look at some of the most popular runway trends, you can get inspiration for new styles to try out this spring.