DIY Spicing up Boring Frames with Old CDs

DIY Spicing up Boring Frames with Old CDs

Torie Farhar, Columnist

Make boring picture frames and old CD’s useful and fun by combining them to make a new, unique frame to show off.

For this project you’ll need:

1 Plain (flat) Picture frame (preferably with a thicker frame, one and a half or more inches, the size of the actual picture does not matter, I used an 8×10 for mine.)

3-4 CD’s (depending on the size of your frame you may need more or less)

Hot glue

Caution: Be cautious when cutting, do it slowly, once the CDs are cut they can be sharp and could fly off while you’re cutting them up. Be sure to cut them, and not break them, doing so could injure yourself. This activity is not for children, so try to keep the project out of their reach.

Step 1: Lay the frame down flat with the front facing up. Make sure your glue gun is hot, and you have plenty of glue sticks ready to use. Be sure you are in a place where it’s easy to clean up because cutting the CD’s will be messy.

Step 2: Cut the CDs down to size carefully and slowly because it’s easy for the CD pieces to fly off. Arrange the broken pieces in small and large sizes, this will give the frame a more realistic look, like the CDs actually broke. Lay them out on the frame so the pieces fit together and there aren’t any awkward spaces.

Step 3: Be sure to put the glue on the top of the disc, or the non shiny side. Face the shiny, colored side out so it acts as a colorful mirror and gives a broken glass look.

Step 4: Glue the CD pieces to the frame of the picture. When gluing, try to use as many pieces as possible. Place them close together so there are only small spaces in between the pieces, but not too close because you still want to see the frame behind it.

Step 5: Once you have filled the frame with CD shards, you now have a fun, new, and improved picture frame.