College Knowledge: University of Michigan

University of Michigan is a large public school with various individual colleges and a city suburban campus that is welcoming to all types of students.


Photo Courtesy of Danielle Moran

Pictured above is the Student Union building located on UM campus. It is a place where many clubs will meet, students will study, food can be bought, as well as numerous other uses.

Danielle Moran, Columnist

It’s the beginning of that time of year when juniors and seniors embark on their quests to find their perfect college. This has never been known as the easiest process in the world, so here is some quick information that will help make your decisions easier!

If you’re into the suburban/city scene for college, think about attending University of Michigan (UM). Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, this university has a fairly large campus. It is a Division One school, meaning it’s home to about 42,716 students and 6,200 faculty members. Student reviews have revealed that the community is very welcoming and friendly.

UM has 19 colleges and 250 degree programs within the university itself. Some of the most popular majors include medicine, business, and law.

If social life is an important factor in your decisions, you should know that UM does have Greek life (sororities and fraternities), but it is not very noticeable within the student body (only 40% of the students take part in it). Unlike some schools, you do not have to be involved in a sorority or fraternity to have a social life. From concerts or parties to cheering on the Michigan Wolverines in navy and yellow at a football game, there’s activities for everyone!

So if University of Michigan, Ann Arbor seems like your kind of school, fill out an application and give the school a try!