Keep Calm and Go To Prom

Seven tips to keep in mind when thinking about high school prom.

Danielle Moran, Columnist

Whether you’re a senior, junior, sophomore, or freshman, prom has the power to create some commotion in your life. Last year I attended my first prom as a sophomore and this year I will be attending my junior prom, so you can take my word for it: preparing for prom isn’t as easy as it may seem. But do not fret! With these little reminders, you’ll be able to keep calm and go to prom without a problem!

  1. Promposals. Contrary to popular belief, these bad boys aren’t a necessity. When people usually think about promposals, they think of excessive, grand gestures, usually involving lights or balloons or puppies. That all sounds great if you want to go all out, but truth is it takes a lot of time and creativity to pull of something like that. You don’t need to go through the trouble when something simple and sincere will please them just as well. Something nice like surprising them at home dressed up with a bouquet of flowers will make their night and score you a date.
  2. Don’t need a date to dance. If you don’t plan on going with a date, take note. Worrying about being asked or asking someone makes up about half of the stress you might feel before the dance. Prom isn’t about spending a few hours with someone you don’t know or like very much, just to say you didn’t go to prom alone. It’s about making fun memories with your best friends. Nobody’s judging; everyone’s just there to have a good time!
  3. Rumors of Royalty. One of the most well-known aspects of prom is nominating and voting for prom king and queen (and senior prince and senior princess and junior prince and junior princess…). Didn’t know there were other members of the court? That’s my point. While being nominated for prom royalty may seem like the dream of a lifetime, it’s really just a small segment that takes up about five minutes of your night. Instead of focusing on how to be crowned, focus on how you’re going to dance the night away; everyone’s royalty on prom night!
  4. Plan for pre-prom. When it comes to prom, you want to be an early bird right from the start, beginning with purchasing tickets before prices go up. In order to avoid any frustration, confusion, or stress when making your pre-dance festivities, make plans  with all of your friends in advance. This will save you from freaking out about where you’re going to eat or take pictures or who you’re going to hang out with the night of!
  5. Forever formal. Prom is the most formal occasion of the entire school year, and you know what that means. Boys have to wear their tuxes and girls have to wear their dresses/gowns. Keep in mind that for this event, long dresses are better dresses because they’re more elegant and sophisticated. The sad truth about all things prom is that just about everything makes your wallet weep. To produce as little tears as possible, you can look for cheap dresses at stores like Forever 21 (yes, Forever 21!) or Windsor, and tuxes at Men’s Warehouse or elsewhere.
  6. Dangerous dinners. It’s become somewhat of a tradition to go out to dinner before going to the dance, but what you eat matters! Avoid anything with red sauce, because with just one spill, your outfit for the night will be ruined. You also want to find something that will keep you filled for the rest of the night (while salads are delicious and definitely a healthier option, they probably won’t satisfy your hunger for longer than a couple hours). With this in mind, you don’t want to overstuff yourself and feel sick all night. If you pick a restaurant that everyone enjoys and can afford, you’ll be a-okay!
  7. Kick back and enjoy. The easiest way to have the most fun possible, is to just relax and have fun! Crack a few jokes, show your wild side on the dance floor, the night is yours. Be yourself and have a great time!