Chewing With Your Mouth Open

Ty Larsen, Columnist

You don’t want to be the person at a restaurant chewing with your mouth open, and getting food everywhere. People who chew with their mouth open are lacking some table manners, or they don’t care about food potentially coming out of their mouth. Imagine if someone is eating dinner with their girlfriend’s parents, but they chew with their mouth open. That would leave such a bad impression on her parents. Nobody wants to see food fly out of your mouth.

According to Dr. Heidi Grant, chewing with your mouth open is the normal way you are  supposed to chew. Research shows that chewing with your mouth open makes you feel more powerful, and that you are less sensitive to what is happening around you. So, even though you might find it disrespectful, it makes the person chewing with their mouth open perceive themselves as having power in the scene. Chewing food with your mouth closed is more satisfying and much easier to enjoy.  You can also potentially eat less when you chew with your mouth open, because you enjoy your food more and are more satisfied when your mouth is closed.

Eating with your mouth open might be the right way to eat, but it’s not the respectful way to eat.