Why Does Christmas Seem Less Exciting Every Year?


Julia Tucker

As we grow older, we often see a decline in our Christmas spirit.

Julia Tucker, Columnist

You may have already started to notice it, but Christmas seems to get less exciting every year. According to Playwickian, there are many reasons why people may feel this way.

  1. Children feel like they are more entitled to Christmas as they get older.
  2. You become more aware of everything going on around you, and you get excited too early.
  3. The stress of buying presents also goes up every year. When you are young you don’t have to worry about that, and everyone does it for you, but when you get older you have a lot more responsibility around the holidays.
  4. When you are younger there is sort of magic to Christmas, but once you find out where the presents actually come from, the magic fades.
  5. Every year you get bigger so the present pile seems to be getting smaller.
  6. As you get older, the people around you do too, and as you start to see your older family members get near the end of their life, it can be hard to watch.

There are, however, ways to make Christmas more exciting.

  1. Try and start new traditions and add people to those traditions.
  2. Keep old traditions alive and don’t forget to be thankful for what you have
  3. Still set out cookies for Santa. It may seem childish, but it helps the holidays feel more magical.
  4. Call up some older family members and make sure to keep in touch. It may help you process the changing years.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!