A New Way to Garden

In Arizona, it can often feel impossible to grow a variety of plants and keep them alive. But the Tower Garden allows anyone to do just that.


Allister McLeod

The Tower Garden.

Allister McLeod, Editor of Student Opinion

The Tower Garden is a vertical garden, made to grow plants on its own. It uses a timer to periodically water plants with just the amount that they need and provides plants with the space to grow without taking up much space. Dozens of different herbs and vegetables can be grown with the garden, allowing people with little experience to enjoy fresh foods they normally wouldn’t be able to.

One of its major selling points is its size, taking up less than three square feet on the ground, and only being around six feet tall. It is smaller than most traditional gardens, so house owners with the garden don’t have to use much backyard space. It can also fit into apartments, and doesn’t require anything besides a connection to power and water.

All owners of the device have to do is buy seed pods for the garden and put them in the slots on the tower. They don’t need to put any time or effort into planting and watering what they grow, which can be a big help to people with busy schedules. The only thing gardeners have to watch out for is overgrowth of the plants, which can lead to plants on the bottom dying from too little sun.

The inside of the garden is full of a series of pipes and motors, with a tank full of water at the bottom. The motors send water to the seed pods, where the pods are designed to absorb the exact amount of water each plant needs. This cycle repeats every 15 minutes, and allows the garden to give different kinds of plants the conditions they need to survive. The water in the tank can last for a week or more before needing to be refilled, and the system requires very little power since it only runs for short bursts of time.

While saving time and energy is great, some people will say it takes away from the gardening experience. Many people garden for fun or as a way of stress relief, but since the Tower Garden doesn’t require much attention, it can’t fulfill either of these needs. People who want to garden for the experience of gardening itself probably won’t be satisfied with the Tower Garden, and will prefer to grow plants by hand.

While the Tower Garden takes out the fun and sense of accomplishment with gardening, it allows for people with little time or experience to reliably grow a variety of fresh foods. It’s a great investment for anyone interested in easily growing plants in the harsh Arizona climate.