Roshambo Cheat Sheet: How to Win at Rock Paper Scissors Every Time

Want to win in rock paper scissors? Here’s how to trick people into choosing what you want them to.

You can use mind games to win your games of rock paper scissors.

Grace Freed

You can use mind games to win your games of rock paper scissors.

Grace Freed, Columnist

Rock paper scissors is easier to win than you think. Using mind games, you can win almost all the time. Here’s how it works, according to Ars Technica: before you play a round, ask your opponent what color their shirt or pants are. This confuses your opponent and distracts them from the game. Then, when you confuse them, they are most likely to pick scissors. This doesn’t work for rounds of three, but when you play one round, expect to win almost every time.

If you are playing three rounds, you can win easily as well. As arXiv states, scientists ran a test where they played three rounds of the game, each with 360 different students. After they lost in the first round, they took the option that beat them in the second round.  For example, if they chose rock and you chose paper, they are most likely going to switch to paper. This is because most people under pressure choose what would have beaten their last move. Therefore, you would choose scissors to beat them the second time. 90 percent of the students lost against the other player doing the tests.

One thing to keep in mind is that these tricks don’t always work; it depends on the person’s way of thinking. Nonetheless, these mind games work around 90 percent of the time. Next time you play roshambo, try out these strategies to see if you can psych out your opponent.