In Favor of a Longer Summer Break

Used with permission by Mircosoft.

Used with permission by Mircosoft.

Alexis Griffin, Columnist

We all wish we could have a longer summer break; I know I do. We at Horizon Honors should have a longer summer break, just like every other school that isn’t year round.

Horizon students have nowhere near enough time to spend their break doing anything significant, or going places on our current summer break. Everyone at Horizon, at least that I know of, always has extravagant plans to go all over the world in a month and a half. How can they do that without rushing, I don’t know.

This year, several students are going out of the state to Tennessee, Colorado, Nevada, and  New York, but there are also students who are going to Paris and England. How will they explore and connect with people around them in such a small time period? Well let us say you stay in Paris for a week: is that really enough time to see all the wonderful sights, go shopping, as well as just simply have fun? A week for Paris is simply nowhere near enough time, especially if you are going somewhere else right afterwards.

Another thing about long summers that I don’t understand: do we as students really forget as much as we think, or are we not used to studying so we are out of practice? I think that we as students are unwilling to do work over the break; it is not that we are too lazy, its just that we want a break from all the work. I know school is important, but so is having a good time, especially while you are young. Adults always wish they were younger so they can go back and redo high school, but we have to learn to enjoy life while we can. And that’s what summer vacations are for!