Miley Cyrus: Not So Hannah Montana Anymore


Source: Natori Cruz

Miley Cyrus with her new haircut. Cyrus had decided on this haircut after she donated most of her hair to charity.

Natori Cruz, Editor

Former Disney Channel star, Miley Cyrus, has been shocking everyone with her new appearance. Monday, Sept. 9, Cyrus dropped the music video to her new single “Wrecking Ball,” which was dedicated to her relationship with Australian actor, Liam Hemsworth. The video included her naked on a swinging wrecking ball. Not only this, but her attitude and current obsession with twerking have taken over her personal image, leaving Hannah Montana to fade in the dust.

First was the cutting of the hair. I honestly have no negative opinions on her hair. Many people thought that that this was the start of her rebellion, but most people don’t understand that she cut her hair for charity. Even after the hair cutting, I was still a Cyrus fan.

Next was the twerking obsession. I didn’t have much of a problem with this, but this is when people began to be disgusted by her. Claiming she can’t twerk, which she can’t, Cyrus is able to do whatever she wants. Soon after, the music video for “We Can’t Stop” came out, and so did the pre-order for her new album Bangerz, which features a more rap than pop vibe.

Then her MTV Video Music Awards performance happened. Nothing was necessarily wrong with her performance, but once Robin Thicke came out, things got friendly in a very inappropriate way. Her new music video is now adding on to the incredibly unsuitable publicity she is gaining for herself.

There are people who are still in love with Cyrus, and no matter what she does, her fans always make it into a positive. They don’t really believe anything she has done is wrong. I love Cyrus, but I will admit her actions are a little out of hand. However, it’s still Cyrus’ life. Whatever she wants to do to please her fans, she can do.