Random Acts of Kindness


Anja Asato

Random acts of kindness can easily be incorporated into your everyday activities. Next time you bake some cookies, take some to share with a friend.

Anja Asato, Editor In Chief

Do one good deed a day. This classic saying is often heard, but not carried through in our daily lives. However, doing something nice for someone else really can make the world a better place. Brightening the day of someone around you can make a significant impact. And from there, the kindness can only spread. When people experience a random act of kindness, they are more likely to pass the spirit onto someone else.

You don’t need to start a non-profit or travel to a foreign country to build houses to have a positive impact on the world. The opportunity to do a good deed arises each and every day. The simple, every-day gestures are those that add up to create a more caring community. A random act of kindness isn’t difficult. In fact, it probably takes less time and effort than you would think.

After participating in some random acts of kindness, I’ve become addicted. It gives me such a great feeling of accomplishment seeing how happy other people are when you go out of your way to do something nice for them. These gestures don’t always have to be something extremely difficult, necessary, or time-consuming. They can simply make a person feel special or make their day a little easier.

Challenge yourself to complete a random act of kindness each day for a month, and you’ll see all the positive impact it can have on not only the receiver, but on yourself as well.

Here is a month-worth of ideas for random acts of kindness- give it a try and see all the good these simple acts can make.

1. Send a letter to your grandparents.

2. Offer to walk your neighbor’s dog.

3. Pick up the trash lying around your neighborhood.

4. Donate your old clothes when you clean out your closet.

5. Give someone you don’t know a compliment.

6. Cook dinner for your family.

7. Smiling is contagious. Smile at people throughout the day.

8. Tutor someone who needs help in a subject you’re strong in.

9. Leave flowers on a random doorstep.

10. Share the cookies you baked with a friend.

11. Take your old magazines to a hospital/doctor’s office waiting room.

12. Leave a generous tip.

13. Hold the door open for someone.

14. Let someone cut in line at the grocery store.

15. Help someone who is lost.

16. Thank your teachers.

17. Give water bottles to the homeless.

18. Leave change at the vending machine.

19. Introduce yourself to a new classmate.

20. Share an inspirational quote with someone.

21. Return a shopping cart left in a parking stall.

22. Help an elderly person load their groceries into the car.

23. Play music at a senior home.

24. Baby-sit for free.

25. Put change in a parking meter.

26. Leave a gift for your mail carrier.

27. Write a thank you letter to a veteran.

28. Eat lunch with someone new.

29. Leave a dollar in a children’s book at the library.

30. Share your lunch with someone who forgot theirs.