Should AP Classes Have Finals Too?


Photo Courtesy of Rob Dixon, Copyright 2014 Rob Dixon

Seniors Alicia Stewart and Alex Costabile work hard in AP Government after the AP exam is over.

Kai Farley, Columnist

As Advanced Placement (AP) exams are finally over, so is much of the work for AP students. I am extremely happy about not having a World History AP final. AP exams take the entire school year to prepare for. Having an additional test only a few weeks later would cause a lot more studying to be done. Personally, I wouldn’t study for an additional final after I had just taken a four hour long exam.

The stress students are already under for the AP exam is enough. Adding more that will reflect in  grades and on transcripts will not make anything better. During the year, classes have already had a final and multiple practice tests all for grades. Not only do students have many assignments but they also have to keep track of personal studying and the other classes they take.  All year they have been working hard and doing a lot of work to prepare why should students do even more? At Horizon Honors, the choice of finals after AP exams is up to the teacher. Most teachers choose to give their kids a break after the exams, but this is not guaranteed. Finals after AP exams are simply unnecessary, as the students have already had their knowledge tested on a larger scale.