Hey Now, You’re an All-Star

Matt Butler, Columnist

For years, some all-star games have been an entertaining spectacle. But for certain sports, all-star games have been taking a different direction and descending in viewership. For example, the NHL (National Hockey League) All-Star game has already passed. I bet you didn’t know that unless you follow hockey closely. It’s saddening that some all-star games have been in decline. A solution that I would like to see happen is all all-star games going to the NBA (National Basketball Association) All-Star game format.

This season, the NBA switched from its traditional West v. East game format to a more entertaining “captain schoolyard pick ‘em.” We, as the fans, vote year after year to see our favorite players shine in All-Star games. This season, the NBA took the two players with the most amount of votes and made them essentially captains. The players then went on to pick their team made up of the other all-stars that were voted to be in the all-star game. This season it was Team Curry v. Team Lebron. It was a high scoring game due to the fact that it featured  the world’s most elite players, and there was defense, defense! There hasn’t been defense in an NBA All Star game for as long as I could remember. This year the players seemed to care a lot more this season than any other, just for bragging rights. This season, the All-Star game team draft was not televised, but commissioner Adam Silver released this statement:  “But then … maybe we’re overly conservative because then we came out of there, and the players were, ‘We can take it. We’re All-Stars. Let’s have a draft.’ So it sounds like we’re going to have a televised draft next year.” That would be one of the most entertaining spectacles to watch– just a bunch of people having fun and hanging out. The ratings would be off the charts.

The start of the MLB (Major League Baseball) is merely around the corner. The beginning of spring is the dawn of the new season so looking at the All-Star game is a few months out of sight, but like the NBA, the MLB All-Star game would be extremely entertaining as a schoolyard pick ‘em with the two players having the highest votes being named captains. Like the NBA, a televised draft would be an entertaining part of the MLB All-Star Game. Along with the game itself comes other festivities, and I beg you, please leave those alone. The Futures game, celebrity softball game, and home run derby are fun staples to an incredible all-star weekend. However, the celebrity softball game could have been entertaining through the pick ‘em format.

In the NFL (National Football League), the pro bowl has been on a decline in viewership. Through their attempts on adding the skills challenge to changing the location they have managed to keep people watching. The best part of the skills challenge is the dodgeball, to be honest.  With the pick ‘em draft would be enjoyable. Having the top players in the world coming together and having fun playing a game and doing something they love is always awesome to watch.

Lastly, an all-star in soccer (yes, I’m sorry I’m calling it soccer; I know it’s football) would be enticing. Within the world of soccer, there are so many leagues in each country. The league pushing hardest for an all-star game is the EPL (English Premier League). Romelu Lukaku, striker for Manchester United, tweeted out this statement after the end of the NBA All-Star game: “Here’s an idea for you guys… the NBAa has all-star game! Don’t you guys think we should organise one in the @premierleague..  The north vs the south! And the fans vote… what do you guys think? @premierleague @FA 😏😉.” Having an All-Star game in the EPL would be truly exciting for the fans and the players. The NBA this season took the All-Star game to a whole new level. It will be interesting to see what happens in the near future with this new game format.