See you Plater!


Fine Dining Lovers

Plates may be a staple, but that doesn’t mean they should be.

Yaniv Golden, Columnist

Plates are useless. The only time plates are necessary and can’t be replaced is at Greek weddings. Bowls can do everything that plates can and more. If you think about it, a plate is a devolved form of a bowl; it’s just a bowl without the edges. 

Although the inventor of the plate was lost through the ages, early hunter-gatherer tribes used large leaves to hold food, according to HubPages. During those times, plates were essential to keeping food clean and safe because of the dirty ground. As humans became more hygienic, the need for plates should have been forgotten, just like the inventor of this now-useless invention. 

Bowls can hold everything. They are already the dish of choice for items such as soups, salads, cereal, fruits, vegetables, and countless other foods. However, plates are confined to solid food, such as pancakes and chicken. Bowls are important because of their depth, allowing them to hold both liquid and solids. This depth is why bowls can also fit together like puzzle pieces, making it a lot easier to store them securely. Plates? Disappointing once again, they fall and break easily when they are stacked.

With serving food comes its presentation, and that can make or break a meal. First impressions are crucial, and food presentation is no exception. If a dish is not displayed in a way that is appealing to the consumer, they will not want to eat it. Plates make a meal look boring and therefore unappetizing. Bowls, however, look smooth and clean. In the search for a unique food presentation, some restaurants have even served food in shoes or in blenders, which nobody should ever have to suffer through. A simple bowl adds fun without ridiculousness.

Bowls have a psychological advantage as well. According to Mother Nature Network, putting food portions in a bowl gives the impression that there’s more food because of the way it layers on top of each other. On the other hand, food on plates spreads out, making it look like there’s less overall. You’ll feel the need to fill your plate with even more than you need, which probably isn’t a good idea for your diet. Although small plates can be utilized to accomplish the same task, small plates don’t give you the room necessary to scoop up food without spillage.

From being aesthetically pleasing to influencing how much you eat, bowls have it all. Plates are inferior in every way; they are bulky, boring, and can influence your mind to eat too much at one time. Next time you’re looking for dinnerware, skip the plates section and head directly toward your new best friend in serving: the bowl.