Twitter Is the Most Problematic Social Platform Out There

People are prone to arguing on Twitter, and it just goes downhill from there.

Twitter can become a disrespectful, toxic place to be.


Twitter can become a disrespectful, toxic place to be.

Luna Ruiz, Columnist

Twitter is a lot of things; however, friendly is not one of them. Other social media sites such as YouTube and Instagram don’t have perfect users, but the problems of Twitter are far greater when compared. After all, people aren’t “canceled” upon sharing their opinions on other apps and websites.

A lot of the arguing is provoked over trivial matters. As stated by One Zero, “you’ll never change someone’s mind by arguing with them on Twitter.” Since people have different beliefs and morals, the fighting over mobile keyboard becomes useless. The minor issues that never mattered become relevant in Twitter users’ eyes for the sake of attention. Neither side will lean the other way or back down. The unnecessary disagreement causes an anthill to become a mountain.

Spreading hate is done with much ease on the app. “Hate speech is still easy to find on mainstream social media sites, including Twitter,” says The Conversation. The way Twitter is designed makes it easy for one to type up whatever they want and to post it without a second thought. The comment section is there for whoever feels the need to pick a bone with the original poster’s content. The idea of “cancel culture” is silly too, especially when people try to police things that are out of their control.

Being known for silly arguments just isn’t practical. The potential of the app is so much more, but people decide to abuse its functions. It’s like handing a loudspeaker to a bunch of babies that can’t make sense of anything. Someone hating on others’ harmless opinions makes them seem pathetic.

If people were to use the app for sharing positive things or enjoyable content, Twitter could’ve had an entirely different reputation. Fewer people would feel judged over the app. For some, it could’ve even become a place of comfort. However, when some users abused the features, the platform became more aggressive. People were reminded that it was easier to insult over a screen, and lost their ordinary manners online.

Jack Dorsey, the inventor of Twitter, intended for it to be like sending simple text messages, except in a community. Pennington Creative says it has developed far from that, whether or not people want that to change. Twitter could have just been a place where communities share harmless things with one another like intended. Instead, it should have been a platform where sharing opinions wasn’t frowned upon.