Soccer Camp 2014

Horizon Honors’ soccer team spent their weekend at soccer camp having a blast and getting ready for the upcoming season.


Photo Courtesy of Zach Asato

Some members of the Horizon Honors Varsity Soccer Team pose for a group shot after practice. This past week, the team headed down to Benson, Arizona to attend a soccer camp.

Emmy Walker, Columnist

The three days spent at soccer camp was a huge hit for the soccer team. Our Horizon Honors Eagles headed up to Benson, Arizona on Friday, Nov. 14 and went back home on Sunday, Nov. 16. The time in between was both exciting as well as exhausting because of the many activities done at the camp.

The ride up to Benson seemed like an exciting trip due to the boys singing on the bus. The trip just got more amazing from there. Besides playing soccer, the activities included participating in rugby, as well as participating in a talent show. Many groups decided to dance while others chose to perform skits, card tricks, or puppet shows. This wasn’t all they did, of course. The team also worked on plenty of drills and basic concepts. On Saturday, they had a boys versus girls scrimmage. Even the coaches joined in, making an exciting addition to the game.

Junior Hannah Hamby spoke of her experience at soccer camp with enthusiasm. When asked how prepared the team is for the upcoming season, she said, “I think we are more prepared than we were last year.” Hannah went on to say how she sees an incredible amount of potential in her team. It consists of the experienced old players, as well as great new players that will be an excellent addition to the team.

If you play soccer and weren’t able to make it to camp, be sure to go next year so you don’t miss out. Horizon Honors’ soccer games will be starting soon, so get ready for an awesome season! The first game for the boys’ team is on Nov. 25 at Pecos Park against Santa Cruz Valley at 4. The girls play an away game at Veritas Prep on Dec. 2 at 3:45. Don’t forget to come and support Horizon Honors’ soccer team!