Emma Martin Rocks It On The Court

Emma Martin lives every young athlete’s dream as a swing for Horizon Honors’ Girls’ Volleyball.


Photo Courtesy of Cooper Brown

Emma Martin poses for a picture. Martin is a swing player for the Horizon Honors Volleyball team.

Sammi Tester, Editor of Student Opinion

On the volleyball court, Emma Martin is double trouble. Martin is a sophomore at Horizon Honors and a swing volleyball player. A swing volleyball player is an athlete that is on both the Junior Varsity (JV) and Varsity team.

This is Martin’s second year playing for the Horizon Honor’s girl volleyball team – her freshman year and now her sophomore year. She has been playing volleyball ever since she was about six years old, which is now eight years. “I love to do it,” Martin comments about playing volleyball. Martin says that she loves to play for Horizon Honor’s girls’ volleyball team. She mentions, “The girls are really nice, and I love the coach and the time we spend together.”  Martin is the outside hitter, which means she is “kind of like the offence.” She discusses that her favorite thing about volleyball is being on a team with other girls and getting to bond with them. Martin explains that she likes to be on swing volleyball because she likes to be more of a leader on the JV team. She likes to be on the Varsity team because it “pushes [her] to another level.” During practices, the girls set up the nets, warm up, and then they work on drills that they might struggle with at games.

Many students might not join sport teams at Horizon Honors because it’s hard to balance school work and sports. Martin acknowledges the challenge but thinks the school “does a really good job of pushing you to do your schoolwork first.” She also states that they are student athletes, so being a student always comes first. This year in girls’ volleyball, Martin is expecting them to do really well since they went to state last year, so this year she hopes they can advance more in state. Be sure to go support Emma Martin and her teammates at the girl’s volleyball games.