JV Boys’ Homecoming Game

Horizon Honors’ JV Boys fought hard against Chino Valley, but ended up with a loss.

Emmy Walker, Columnist

On Friday, Jan. 23, the junior varsity basketball team went head to head with Chino Valley at 4 p.m. The beginning of the game was painful for many Eagles fans to watch. They didn’t score many points and couldn’t stop Chino Valley from making baskets. At the end of the second period, the score was seven to 30 with the Eagles far behind.

The game picked up around the third quarter. The boys started making more baskets and stopped Chino Valley from scoring too many points. The score was 14 to 34, and there was still a whole quarter to go.

By the fourth quarter, they were fighting extremely hard. Curtis Cole was on fire, scoring eight of the ten points gained in this period. Even though the Eagles gave it all they got, they suffered a loss of 24 to 37.

Even though our team lost, they gave an incredible amount of effort in the second half. When they were losing by many points, they continued to fight by making baskets and blocking shots. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough to win the game.