JV Boys Dig The Win

On Apr. 2, Horizon Honors JV boys’ volleyball team won an exciting game against Chandler High School.


Photo Courtesy of Zach Asato

On Thursday, April 2, 2015, Horizon Honors played against Chandler High School in Boys’ Volleyball.

Zachary Asato

Sammi Tester, Editor of Student Opinion

The enthusiastic cheers of the crowd filled the gym at Horizon Honors on Thursday, Apr. 2, at 4 p.m. The JV boys’ volleyball had a nail-biting game against the Chandler High School Wolves that ended in a victory for Horizon Honors.

The game started off with Chandler serving. It was a set full of scores in Horizon Honors’ favor, Chandler slowly catching up, and Horizon Honors quickly getting more points. There were two times in the first set that the ball was very close to touching the floor. Luckily, junior Micah Sheveland, number 15, successfully did everything he could to keep the ball in the air. The set ended in the score 25 to 19, in favor of Horizon Honors.

Unfortunately, the second set was much like the first but instead in Chandler’s favor. Freshman Ryan Hickie, number 17, blocked a ball that could have let the Wolves win the set when the score was 24 to 15 in Chandler’s favor. After that feat, Horizon Honors went on to win four more points before the set was over. The boys tried their hardest, but the Wolves were determined. The second set was much like the first that it ended in the same score, 25 to 19, but in Chandler’s favor.

The second set didn’t affect Horizon Honors as they showed in the last set. The third set was very close until the end. The set started in Chandler’s favor, but after a tie of three to three, the Eagles was in the lead. The Wolves caught up and took a short lead after an eight to eight tie, but Horizon Honors kept in the lead for the rest of the set after another tie at the score 11 to 11. The final score was 15 to 13 in Horizon Honors’ favor.
Freshman Luke Butler says that, as a team, “we did really well and worked well together. We’re ready for our next game and we’ll definitely try our hardest.” Make sure you see the JV boys back in action on Thursday, Apr. 9, at 4 p.m. against Desert Vista at home!