21 Years of Football Greatness

After being with the Patriots for 20 years, Tom Brady proved that he can do his magic anywhere.



Tom Brady has become a legend of football with his latest Super Bowl win.

Brandon Dosen, Columnist

Tom Brady is a legend within the league. The man has been in the NFL for almost half of his life, and since then, has broken numerous records and has become known by many as one of, if not, the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

With a quick overview of his career, Tom Brady has been in 10 of the 55 SuperBowls, and has won seven of them; he has the most SuperBowl rings in the history of the league. Not only that, but he has the second most passing yards in a regular season, being second only to Drew Brees by a small margin of around 1,100 yards and first for the most passing yards in total. He’s won the most games in NFL history and is the second most paid player in the league.

Brady’s impressiveness extends far beyond his NFL career, though. For one, Tom Brady wasn’t just good at football. In fact, before he was drafted to the Patriots, he was actually drafted into the MLB by the Montreal Expos, according to CBS Sports. Tom Brady has his famous TB12 method diet that he and his wife shares. According to Business Insider, 80% of their diet is vegetables, and the closest thing to a sweet is avocado ice cream. Not only that, but Tom Brady actively does brain exercises to keep his head sharp, and uses resistance bands instead of the usual weights.

With Tom’s high-held self expectations and lifestyle, it’s easy to see Tom Brady as someone who was always on top; however, this was not always true. After being drafted by the Patriots in 2000 as the 199th overall draft pick, Tom Brady would be the backup quarterback for the team. In fact, he wouldn’t play his first game until September 2001 against the Colts, according to USA Today. And even then, he only threw for 168 yards.

Tom Brady wasn’t always a legend like he is today. He, like all of us, started from the bottom, yet managed to rise to the top through hard work and determination. Tom has forever changed not only the sport of football, but sports as a whole, and has solidified himself as one of the best athletes on the planet (Related: a special family moment with Tom Brady and his mom).