Ainsley Olvey

Ainsley Olvey, Columnist

Ainsley Olvey is currently a seventh grader at Horizon Honors, and has been attending Horizon since second grade. Olvey loves to write, as she started reading and writing earlier than anyone in her daycare class. Her daycare teacher said she started to speak full sentences before anyone. Her passion is to share the truth with the world through journalism. Olvey is excited to be taking on three honors classes this year. Olvey has a strong love for her pets; her two gerbils and one cat. She enjoys painting, playing piano, making clay figures, playing Minecraft, and watching Netflix. Her favorite sports are tennis and synchronized swimming. She has lived in Arizona her whole life, and loves to help the community and is open to tutor. She is a great actor and singer; in fact, she played Cinderella in her first play. She is always open for kind, new friends. She is excited this year to share her voice with the world. A lot of things in our country are changing and not in a good way, and Olvey is determined to spread her opinions on it with you.

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