Information on the Upcoming Middle School Talent Show


Ainsley Olvey

Middle School Google Classroom

Ainsley Olvey, Columnist

The deadline for entries for the talent show is Wednesday Feb. 10 and the form is in the Horizon Honors Middle School classroom. The talent show will be on Friday, Feb. 12 from 4 to 6 p.m. 

Due to COVID-19, teachers and administrators have decided to have the Middle School Talent Show over Google Meet. The talent show is also a game night. To celebrate the show, they are also doing a spirit week.

Monday, 8th: Crazy hat and sock day

Tuesday, 9th: Bring your talent

Wednesday, 10th: Pajama day (asynchronous day)

Thursday, 11th: Career day, college wear

Friday, 12th: Game show attire

Don’t forget that all spirit wear must be in dress code.

There will be live talent and pre-recorded talent. Student Council has organized this night, full of games and many talents. Here are some example talents: singing while playing ukulele, skateboard or scooter tricks, digital art design, mending a hole in your pants, playing the piano.

Students Opinions:

Do you want to share your talent?

Amiyah Owens (7th grade): “I do want to share my baking talent, because I have a lot of healthy and delicious recipes.” 

Kayli Taylor (7th grade): “I am in the Student Council so I will be hosting and helping with the event.”

Anonymous: “Not really, I’m an anxious person so I don’t like doing those things.”

Will you be going to the talent show on Friday?

Grace Freed (7th grade): “Yes.”

Madeeha Akhta (8th grade): “Maybe.”

Jolie Flack (8th grade): “No.”

The talent show will definitely be different this year with COVID-19. But thanks to the Student Council and many others, this talent show will be one to remember.