Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

The Horizon Sun

Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

The Horizon Sun

Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

The Horizon Sun

Connor Lowe

Connor Lowe, Columnist

Connor Lowe, an eighth grader, has just entered his first year at Horizon Community Learning Center. He entered Journalism because of his passion and talent for writing, and maybe a tiny bit because he really wants to be famous. He is an avid reader and PC gamer with a preference for fantasy RPGs, but never figured out how to use any console that isn't a Wii.

His fascination with sci-fi/fantasy began when he was about five or six years old, when he'd sit next to his father and watch him play The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and really sparked when he was given his very own copy of Baldur's Gate II to play. Now he enjoys creative writing, and particularly loves to think about the Dungeons & Dragons game that he plans to run with his father and his brother. Connor is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and plans to go into journalism or novel writing as an adult. He is a huge narcissist and is delighted that he can finally write about himself in the third person without sounding pompous or insane.

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Comics, Costumes, and Celebration at Comicon Phoenix

Comicon Phoenix was the event of a lifetime, hosting a variety of geeky delights.
Connor Lowe, Columnist
June 5, 2015

New Dress Code, New Feelings

Excitement is in the air surrounding next year's new dress code, find out what your peers think about the changes.
Connor Lowe, Columnist
May 11, 2015
Cast and crew of The Pajama Game get ready for one of their final dress rehearsals.

Behind the Curtain of “The Pajama Game”

This spring, Horizon Honors is performing “The Pajama Game,” a 1950s-era love story set to the background of a labor strike over seven-and-a-half cents. I’m here to take you backstage.
Connor Lowe, Columnist
April 30, 2015

From Jamestown To Phoenix And Back Again

The Middle School Travel Club had a blast exploring the nation’s finest collections of history in Washington D.C.
Connor Lowe, Columnist
April 14, 2015

Valley Volunteer Opportunities Abound

The Valley is always a great place to volunteer. This list will keep you active in your community.
Connor Lowe, Columnist
March 1, 2015

Anonymous Hacktivism

Anonymous’s war on ISIS has brought some startling results.
Connor Lowe, Columnist
February 24, 2015
The Imitation Game, focusing on the story of Alan Turing, was entertaining and a fresh outlook on gay rights.

“The Imitation Game” Is Anything But An Imitation

“The Imitation Game,” a British thriller directed by Morten Tyldum, stunned viewers after its release.
Connor Lowe, Columnist
February 1, 2015

Tragedy In Pennsylvania

This week saw another tragic shooting, this time, in Pennsylvania.
Connor Lowe, Columnist
December 19, 2014

Girls’ JV Basketball Stays Strong Through Loss

Horizon Honors’ impressive winning streak has all but disappeared.
Connor Lowe, Columnist
December 9, 2014
Joe Holguin represents Horizon Honors on Team USA.

Athlete Spotlight: Joseph Holguin

Joseph Holguin, 16, has been accepted into Team USA, an international baseball team.
Connor Lowe, Columnist
November 23, 2014

Window Pains

Technion Design’s new invention is revolutionizing the aviation industry.
Connor Lowe, Columnist
November 6, 2014
Mrs. Britt and two columnists from the Journalism team enjoying some delicious fudge.

Brown Sugar Fudge

Liven up any occasion with this sweet treat.
Connor Lowe, Columnist
October 31, 2014
A photo showing the normal human body temperature. Anything else is probably unhealthy.

The Not-So-Common Cold

A rare strain of the common cold has been carving a swath of sick days through the Midwest.
Connor Lowe, Columnist
October 27, 2014
A close-up of a chromosome, done in Photoshop by Marty Rhey.

Wait! There’s Two of You!

Genetic engineering is an amazing and useful science, but has some possibly catastrophic consequences.
Connor Lowe, Columnist
October 1, 2014
You could also call this Ball-Kicky Simulator 2014.

Are Sports Irrelevant?

Video games seem to be encroaching on the territory of athletes.
Connor Lowe, Columnist
September 22, 2014
The church parking lot was transformed into a wasteland of debris and erosive runoff. Monday’s great flood spawned some marshes around the school that are still yet to dry.

Make Way for the Rain Day

Monday’s thunderstorms caused a lot of noise in sunny Arizona.
Connor Lowe, Columnist
September 14, 2014
A screenshot of gameplay in Civilization V. In this game, players must oversee the growth of their nation. Games like Sid Meiers Civilization V can have a positive influence on the players stategy, memory, management, and navigation skills.

Video Games and You

The debate about the mental consequences of video games has raged since their inception, but the argument may not be as one-sided as we think.
Connor Lowe, Columnist
September 7, 2014
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