Athlete Spotlight: Joseph Holguin

Joseph Holguin, 16, has been accepted into Team USA, an international baseball team.

Joe Holguin represents Horizon Honors on Team USA.

Photo Courtesy of NCA Sports

Joe Holguin represents Horizon Honors on Team USA.

Connor Lowe, Columnist

Last week, Horizon Honors junior Joseph Holguin was accepted into Team USA, a baseball team which travels the USA, searching for worthy candidates. Their search carries them into other countries as well, such as the Dominican Republic, China, and India. The entry rules are stringent – the coach’s scouts evaluate players’ statistics and online biographies according to a very specific set of requirements. If the coach approves, they’re allowed in.

Holguin has been playing baseball almost since he could walk. He loves baseball and loves “learning more about the game to improve my game.” He believes that the team is more important than the individual and likes to support and encourage his team whenever he can. He believes that if his uniform is dirty, he isn’t playing baseball the way it’s meant to be played.

Holguin has high hopes for his future. He hopes to play baseball in college, then eventually get into the minor league. His dream is to play in the major league, and then hopefully retire to large amounts of money. Good luck, Joe!