Girls’ JV Basketball Stays Strong Through Loss

Horizon Honors’ impressive winning streak has all but disappeared.

Connor Lowe, Columnist

On Tuesday, Dec. 2, at 2:30 p.m., the JV girls’ basketball team entered into their first game of the year against Combs High School. They went in hopeful, certain even, of a win. But by the end of the first period, it was clear that things were not going as planned.

The crowd in the stands was optimistic during the first period, cheering for our team even when Combs scored a goal. Despite this, Combs steamed ahead, scoring five points for Horizon Honors’ two, mainly off of the two fouls the Lady Eagles made.

By halftime, the score was 7-13 in Combs’ favor, with Horizon Honors holding four fouls and Combs with three. The girls rested for ten minutes, conversing and replenishing their energy, and then it was back to the court. The second half of the game was just as energetic as the first, but Horizon Honors was noticeably falling behind, and by the end of quarter three, the score was 12-26 in Combs’ favor.

Combs won the game with a score of 13-39. The fans were disappointed, but many still seemed optimistic and talked excitedly as they left. The players will continue to work hard and dedicate themselves to the game.