Devin Jones

Devin Jones, Head of Media and Photography

Devin is an aspiring photographer and journalist with plans to go to Northern Arizona University once he completes high school.  He then plans to pursue his lifelong dream of writing for Game Informer magazine, mixing his passion for video games with his passion for reading and writing. This is his third year at Horizon Honors as well as his third year as an editor in Journalism. When he is not editing articles or snapping pictures of various things, Devin is usually found playing video games or reading a science fiction novel, although if given the choice between reading a book or playing Bioshock 2, you’d be hard pressed to convince him to read the book. His musical interests span from rock n’ roll to reggae and he enjoys playing the bass guitar along to some of his favorite songs. Devin also has a distinct interest in media software and has been known to dabble in video editing and computerized music production.

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