What’s Next for Viners?

Vine is shutting down soon, causing an outrage among the most famous Vine stars.

Mya Smith, Columnist

Vine is shutting down soon and many aren’t very happy about it. People who started their careers on Vine and are now quite famous on the app and other social media–as well as their fans– are causing an uproar on social media. Some of the most famous Viners, such as KingBach and Thomas Sanders, have spoken about the matter on Twitter and other social media platforms. One of the founders of Vine, Rus Yusupov, posted a tweet on Oct. 27, saying “Don’t sell your company!”

Vine stars like The Gabbie Show are now turning to YouTube and making videos about the whole ordeal. The Gabbie Show creator Gabbie Hanna, commented “A lot of people go around and say, ‘Vine died a long time ago, what are you talking about,’ but for people in the Vine community it is not. So many people are losing their jobs over this.” And she’s right. She’s right because many people have a passion for Vine and love Vine. They even find reliable incomes from the app, too. Brittany Furlan, another Viner, spoke out on Twitter saying, “Goodbye, old friend, thank you for everything @Vine.” Hayes Grier posted, “I can’t believe there’s no more Vine, I’m gonna miss it.”

It is saddening to see the app go away. So many people made their livelihood on the app and started on there, and so many people went to Vine to find happiness through good times and bad times. Personally I am not upset about Vine shutting down, because I didn’t really use the app, but I did make them with my friends and it was pretty amazing to see how the app went and see the process of making the that one video. Sources say that Vine will be still up but you won’t be able to post or comment. However, you will still be able to view the videos.