Caffeine: Life Saver or Life Taker?

Caffeine can be very detrimental for the body and can negatively affect long-term health.

Justin Kelliher, Columnist

Davis Cripe was a healthy 16-year-old teen who overdosed on caffeine. Cripe collapsed at his high school and died at a hospital after consuming a large soft drink, a latte, and an energy drink over a period of three to four hours. This is a prime example of what happens when you consume caffeine products without consideration for your health.

Caffeine is a supplement in almost every drink we consume in our society. Despite the prevalence of caffeine, it’s not good that we consume such a sheer amount of caffeinated products. Some well-known products that have caffeine are soda, coffee, tea, and energy drinks. Caffeine not only is bad for adults but very unhealthy for children. One side effect to young caffeine drinkers can be growth deficiency.

Caffeine drinks are one of the most popular products across the United States, usually due to their appealing taste. Although one or two cups of these drinks each day may not harm you, they are still unhealthy. Caffeine doesn’t give immediate side effects besides either being more tired or being more awake. For younger drinkers, it’s more likely to give you a boost to get through the day.

According to Caffeine Informer, drinking more than four cups of coffee a day can lead to early death. It may also lead to high blood pressure. Caffeine and coffee increase the risk of heart attacks for younger adults as well. Caffeine can also cause as incontinence, insomnia, indigestion, and headaches. Caffeine can also lead to mental problems such as anxiety and depression. These are only several of many side effects that you can find here.

Now, one, maybe two, cups of coffee or tea or any products containing caffeine daily may not hurt you. Each day it is recommended that you have no more than 400 milligrams of caffeine  Just avoid drinking more than four cups a day.

At the end of the day, drinking caffeine products every now and then will not harm you. It’s just not healthy to consume enough to give you health issues.