Take to the Field

Reese Bennett, Columnist

As last season’s sports come to a wrap, winter sports tryouts have begun. The three middle school winter sports Horizon Honors are participating in are baseball, softball, and cross-country. All sports have had a good turnout of students wanting to participate, with softball in particular looking excellent so far. Tryouts were on Monday, Nov. 6, through Thursday, Nov. 9. Nine girls tried out this year, and all look immensely promising. The girls began warming up by stretching and running. They then moved onto throwing and catching, and finally to play drills. The catchers and pitchers warmed each other up before joining the other girls in doing plays.  Nate Agostini, Horizon Honors’ athletic director, answered a couple questions about the well-anticipated softball season.

The Horizon Sun: How do you predict the season will go from what you’ve seen and heard?

Nate Agostini: I haven’t seen them practice or play a game yet, but the coaches told me that we’ve got a lot of talented girls out there and that he’s excited and optimistic that the team is going to do well.

The Sun: Although it’s early, do you think you’ll make it to the softball playoffs?

NA: I anticipate so. There’s 11 teams in league participating in softball, and based on the regular season, the top eight teams qualify for the post-season tournament. I’m optimistic that we’re going to make it, but you got to play the game, and that’s why we’re out there: to play the game. There’s no guarantee, but I sure hope we get in.

Last season’s softball team made it second in the playoffs, and were successful in multiple aspects. Hopefully this softball season goes just as well as the last. Good luck Eagles!