Lunchtime or Clubtime?

Emily Christian, Columnist

One of the most popular club slots is during lunch, and these clubs generally have around the same attendance as their after-school counterparts. They are beneficial when considering the average student’s schedule, but lunch is also a time to eat food with friends and interact socially, more than just with those in a club. Luckily, when students are in the same club together, they share that interest which may become a topic to bond over. Many students are involved in these clubs, so I wanted their input on the matter. What do the students think about lunch clubs?

The Horizon Sun: What club during lunch are you involved in?

Victoria Schlarman, eighth grader: I am involved in NJHS.

Lauren Bander, junior: I’m in Key Club, POE, He for She, and Be a Leader.

The Sun: Are you content with that club being held during lunch, or would you rather it be held after school?

VS: I like it during lunch because we have daycare buddies afterwards. After school, usually, I am in different leadership things and I have volleyball practice and other extracurricular activities.

LB: No, I like it being held during lunch because then I don’t have to give up my time for other things because I have extracurriculars after school and it would be even harder to have it afterward.

The Sun: Is having a club during lunch beneficial to your schedule? How so?

VS: I think it’s beneficial to my schedule because I’m not doing much during lunch than just eating and talking with friends.

LB: Yes, because, like I said, if it wasn’t after school or any other time it would really inhibit all of my other extracurriculars.

The Sun: How does having a lunch club affect your social life?

VS: I don’t think it affects it that much because you still have time to communicate with your friends and everything.

LB: It does make it hard to hang out with friends that aren’t in those clubs, but at the same time, most of the time when I join a club, it’s something I’m passionate about so I’m willing to give up those social interactions.

The Sun: Is having a club during lunch a good use of time?

VS: I think it is.

LB: I think so because during lunch,some people prefer to be at a club doing something productive, and this gives them a way to connect with other people.

Most feedback given was positive, but it has become clear to me that these clubs truly are nice to be in if a student wants to be engaged in both an important cause and the Horizon Honors community. Lunch clubs are definitely an asset to this school, especially because of the surplus of clubs going on during and after the school hours.