Broke Breakfast

It’s the holidays and your wallet is empty, so these cheap and easy breakfast options will make your holiday ten times easier.


Enjoy delicious french toast eggs in the morning.

Conner McMillan, Columnist

The holiday season is coming up. This means you have to spend all of your money on gifts for your family. But, oh no, you still need to eat. And we all know breakfast food is the best food. But it’s no fun if you’re making a boring old fried egg — you wanna spice things up, both figuratively and literally.

First, is the green chili egg sink. If you don’t know, sink style eggs are scrambled eggs mixed with an abundance of ingredients. So green chili egg sink is exactly what it sounds like, scrambled eggs with green chili. To make the sink eggs you will need two eggs and some green chili. Start slowly cooking your eggs on a low heat (if you cook them too fast, then the green chili won’t cook into the eggs). Dice green chili (as much as you’d like) into small pieces and put a handful into your eggs. Once you add the green chilli, increase to a higher heat to quickly cook both the egg and the green chili.

Second is the french egg toast. For this recipe you will be making fried eggs into little french toasts. First, you need to make your french toast mix. For your mix you want 1 egg, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, ½ teaspoon of cinnamon, and ¼ cup of milk. Mix all the ingredients together. Then start by normally frying an egg. Make sure to break the yoke, or the yoke will make a mess while dipping the egg in the mix. Cook until around medium done, take the eggs out of the pan and let cool. After a few minutes, pick up the fried egg and dip it into the french toast mix. Then cook the egg like you would a piece of french toast. Be careful: it won’t take long because the egg is already cooked. Take the eggs off the burner and enjoy.

Being cheap doesn’t mean you can’t fulfill your foodie fantasies, so with these recipes, go forth and eat.