Horizon Honors’ Seasonal and Sensational Winter Art Exhibition

Horizon Honors annual Art Show took place the last, full Friday of the semester, and included food, art, and entertainment for all.

Reese Bennett, Columnist

Horizon Honors’ exquisite 2017 Art Show occured on Friday, Dec. 15. The exhibition displayed art projects students from Beginning Art all the way to Art 5-6 labored on all semester. The Media Center also featured multimedia projects, graphic design pieces, and Design, Style, and Media club (DSM) material. Delicious foods were served by Culinary students to attendees, and the guitar classes also played. Later, high school’s girls JV and varsity basketball teams took on their opponents in the gym.

The main focus of the art show was — you guessed it — art. Artwork was hung in the community room, art room, gym lobby, and gym hallway. Styles ranged widely, from ink art to charcoal, as well as many other mediums. The variety in each piece made the showcase very abstract and interesting.

The Media Center took care of a large portion of things included in the art show but not done in art class. Multimedia 1-2’s Scratch games were up to play, and 3-4 and 5-6 had their projects/games from multiple websites pulled up as well. DSM had its own little table, showing off photographs of stylish students, such as Burke Wood, junior, and Hannah Rutledge, senior, as well as prints of their lookbooks. Graphic Design classes had billboards set up of student’s unique semester projects.

The entertaining display finally wrapped itself up around 8:00 p.m. It’s safe to say that this year’s art show was definitely amazing. It included all sorts of variety to fit anybody’s interests, and was worth going to. The art, the music, the food, and more were all incredible in their own distinct way. Go support next semester’s art show if you can – you won’t regret it!