Your Goodwill Could Pay For Their Next Conference

Horizon Honor’s Model United Nations club is preparing for their most important fundraiser of the school year: their annual Goodwill Junk Drive.

Naya Johnson, Editor of Campus Life

It is well known that the Model United Nations (MUN) club is relatively new, having been created only a year ago. Most novel clubs start with an empty account, and the MUN club is no exception to this trend. However, the MUN members have been diligent in planning out fundraising opportunities throughout the year. Last semester, they organized assorted chocolate sales, and this semester they hope to sell out-of-dress code passes and man a booth at the Spring Fling.  Be that as it may, these funding ventures, though creative, come nowhere close to their annual Goodwill Drive. In the past school year, the drive had an incredible turnout for its first try, and raised around $300.

The club, with the assistance of the Arizona chain of Goodwill stores, will once again collect unwanted items, or “junk”, as donations for Goodwill in exchange for ten cents per pound of junk. Acceptable donations include (but are not limited to) appliances, bedding, books, clothing, kitchenware, drapery, electronics, tools, games, toys, knick-knacks, craft items, and mobility items. MUN members will also pick up larger donations such as furniture, but aforementioned pickups must be scheduled with the club sponsor, Michaela Burns. All other donations can be dropped off in the Secondary office at Horizon Honors during the collection period, Jan. 22 through Feb. 2.

There’s no harm in cleaning out your garage to help support the club, and taking into account the club’s ambitious aspirations, they will need all the help they can get. Arizona offers around six conferences a year to MUN teams in the state, and as of late, the Horizon Honor’s MUN club has only been able to attend about two each year, due to the high expenses of competing. The average conference fee per delegate is around $50, and the school fee is around the same price. In addition, each delegate has to contribute in paying for expenses of living and transportation, which raises the total cost per conference for each delegate above $150. In order to compete in all the conferences in Arizona, each MUN club member has to fork out about $800 each year. That’s an unrealistically high fee, which is why MUN fundraising is so necessary in maintaining the club, and why they need every Horizon Honors students’ support, especially in the upcoming drive.

That said, the Goodwill drive is the club’s best shot at branching out and exploring other conferences, and all it requires of students is a little new year’s cleaning and donating.