Pumpkin Perfection

Get into the festive fall feeling with these fetching yarn pumpkins. They’re simple to make and look great anywhere!


Nothing says “fall” like DIY pumpkins.

Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief

Everyone knows that pumpkins are one of the classic symbols of fall. We use them for Halloween decorations, food sources, and even facial masks. Now, using materials as simple as yarn, you can make adorable little pumpkin decorations that are perfect for the fall season!


  • Green yarn (a variation of shades)
  • Orange, white, or any other color of yarn for your pumpkins
  • A book, of about 7” width
  • Sharp scissors (able to cut yarn)


  1. First, wrap orange or white yarn around the 7” book. You should wrap the yarn about 100 times. Larger books will create larger pumpkins.
  2. Pull off the yarn while keeping it in a loop.
  3. Cut out 12” long pieces of your orange or white yarn. Loop them around the pumpkin at the edges.
  4. Double-knot the loops. Make sure that they are snugly tied.
  5. Cut between each new tie, so that there are yarn strands all around the loop. There will be four “pom-poms.”


  6. Trim your yarn puffs until they resemble a pumpkin.
  7. Cut out your green yarns into 12” strands. You will need eight of these. You may also wish to combine with other hues of green yarn, and you will do this by twisting your yarns together. Lay two strips of green yarn over the untrimmed ends of the loop. Tie these to keep the new “stem” attached.
  8. Tie the ends of the green yarn, and loosely criss-cross the yarn into a stem. Tie the end loosely, and trim. You will have four small  yarn “pumpkins.”

These pumpkins look great already, but to add an extra rustic feel, you may wish to display them in a small bucket, if you can find one. They also look great when they’re bundled up next to each other. They’re adorable and super easy to make, meaning the whole family can take part in this little craft to brighten up any counter, desk, or shelf.