Interview With A Superfan


Aaron Ruacho , Columnist

At a Horizon Honors home game, you will see people with their faces painted, singing, and generally going crazy. They do much more than just the bare minimum to show their spirit, and it is always enjoyable to watch what they do. These people are sometimes referred to as superfans, and Horizon Honors Senior and Student Council Vice President Ian Larson is one of them. I got a chance to speak to the elusive Larson, and here’s what he has to say about the subject.

Tell me, what do you do?

What do I do? I try and make it to most of the home sports games, and be as loud as possible. Having played basketball before, I learned how much a crowd can affect how an athlete plays.

What sports do you like to go to?

My favorite sports to watch are Volleyball and Basketball, but I want to go to see at least one game for every sport this year. I’m trying to make it to all of the games against Valley Christian.

What kind of reactions do you get from people?

People generally either give me a weird look or just join along with me in being loud.

 Do you do this by yourself or with others?

Generally there’s a group of students who come to most of the games and are very energetic and dress up as I do.

Do you wear face paint and stuff?

Face paint or crazy outfits are most likely a part of my ensemble for a home game.

Any specific outfits for games or you just find something and put it on?

Most games have a theme, and my outfit will match the theme.

Anything worth noting, theme-wise?

The TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) theme was pretty fun, and the Whiteout theme had a lot of participants so it looked pretty awesome.

Do you ever try to distract the other team, or yell out at the players?

I generally try not to distract the players during the game, because I know that would really bother me, but when the game isn’t being played we’ll often sing to the other team or hold up signs with our phone numbers.

That’s hilarious. What do you sing, and has anyone ever called?

We sing a lot of One Direction, Carly Rae Jepson, the classics. Not yet…

What is the strangest thing you have ever seen at one of the games?

Valley Christian kids.

Anything you’re hoping you will see or do before this year is over? Any random event you are hoping will happen before you leave Horizon Honors?

I’m hoping to see a bunch of people coming to all of the upcoming basketball and soccer games!