Fall Production is a Roaring Success


The cast of The Mouse that Roared

Evan Rosser, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Horizon Honors put on another fantastic show this fall, The Mouse That Roared. This play was a comedic satire about a small European country called Grand Fenwick that is in a financial crisis on account of their one trade item, wine, being mass produced in California and being sold at half their price. When their several letters about the situation go unheard they declare war on America. They plan to lose in hopes of being rehabilitated, solving their economic crisis.

I’ve seen many of Horizon’s productions, and am more accustomed to the musicals that have been performed.  As an audience member, this was a very different experience, but also very well done. The story was very unique, and stayed true to being a “comedic satire.” I found myself laughing at the success of Grand Fenwick, America’s response, and the actions and accents of the characters.

The lead roles were Gloriana the Twelfth played by Jaime Faulkner, Tully Bascom played by Justin Bonowski, Count Mountjoy played by Tristen Farley, David Benter played by Dylan Freymuth, Mr. Beston played by Sean McElrath, Professor Kokintz played by Tyler Wengrzyn, General Snippet played by Ian Larson, and the President played by Chris Westersund. These student actors did a magnificent job of bringing the performance and characters to life.

Rob Dixon, the student director, said about the productions, “It’s an awesome experience and I suggest either going to see them or trying it out for yourself.” Hayden Feller, an ensemble performer shared, “One might say it was a roarin’ good time.” Overall it was another beautiful and successful performance by Horizon Honors.