Interview With A Basketball Player


Megan Burtraw

Senior WIll McKenna, center, takes a shot during a recent game against Vista Grande High School.

Colton Peters, Columnist

The sounds of cheering fans, the smell of food wafting from the concession stand, feet running across the gym floor, and the  sound of the final buzzer fill the gym. Many of us at Horizon Honors went to the Homecoming game and most of us probably know what it feels like to be a fan cheering from the stands, but few of us know what it feels like to be one of the players running across the court. To get inside the mind of a team member, I interviewed Will McKenna, one of the Senior team members who played in the Homecoming game. When I asked him how he felt about representing our school in this way, he said, “It does make you a bit nervous. You are going out in front of all of your friends and classmates so they can watch you win or lose, and they’re always hoping for a win.” When I asked him how playing in the Homecoming game compared to a regular game, he said, “Personally, it’s pretty much the same, but it’s normal for players to get nervous.”  My final question addressed how he personally felt about the Homecoming game. “Despite how the game might’ve ended, I feel that we actually played really well. We did lose, but you have to realize that the team we were playing against hasn’t lost a game to a single non-division one team, teams like Mountain Pointe and Desert Vista. I’m upset that we lost, but I’m also proud of how well we were able to do against such an amazing team and that the fans were able to support us so passionately through it all.”