Spring Break Europe Trip Recap


Sam Richardson, grade 12, Meredith Pendelton, grade 10, and Anya Hernandez, grade 12, pose during the trip.

This spring break many of the high school students of Horizon Honors set off for a week of adventure in Europe. They visited places such as Milan, Cinque Terre, Monaco, St. Paul de Vence, and Barcelona. They got to learn some of  each country’s history by visiting museums, taking tours, and travelling the cities. They got to experience European culture first-hand, socialize with locals, and taste European cuisine. It was a time for them to step out of their comfort zones and experience what it’s like to live in a different culture. The best part about the trip was that they got to travel with their peers. They were able to experience a new country with some of their closest friends and create memories they will remember forever.

After 24 hours of traveling and a three-hour bus ride, the students arrived in Milan and enjoyed some authentic Italian cuisines. On their second day in Europe they experienced pouring rain, but that didn’t stop them from exploring. They went to the Cirque Terre on the Italian Riviera where they traveled by boat to view some seaside villages. Later that day they got to try some delicious gelato. They ended the day by doing some hiking to see some beautiful churches on the cliffside. On the third day of the trip they arrived in Monaco where they visited a perfume factory; they then traveled to to Nice and had some delicious ravioli. On one of their last days in Europe they got to tour the Palacio Real which has been the home of the kings and queens of Spain for about 275 years. Then they got to tour an armoury that had a plethora of medieval weapons, after they visited a sword factory.

Anya Hernandez, grade 12,  took the trip this year and she had an amazing time. “My favorite place was St. Paul de Vence in France. It was near a medieval village near Nice. I absolutely loved all of the stone walls and narrow valleys. It was beautiful and fun to explore.” Hernandez had some interesting experiences while in Europe. One of them included witnessing her friend, Sam Richardson, struggle to get new clothes after her luggage was lost at the airport. Also, since it rained so much while they were in Cinque Terre, her shoes were wet the entire time and Hernandez  had a bit of a struggle when they got lost in Riomaggiore while trying to look for remnants of an ancient castle. Overall, Hernandez enjoyed the adventure and unpredictability of the entire trip. The Europe trip is a great way to visit new countries while learning and bonding with fellow classmates, and students should  take advantage of the opportunity being offered.