Giving Fiber Arts a Spin


Jaime Faulkner, Editor In Chief

Horizon Honors has plenty of clubs for students to join, but only one is teaching students how to craft in style. The newly formed Fiber Arts Club is “devoted to teaching students new crafting skills and providing leadership experience to students with crafting experience, as well as organizing charitable crafting projects,” according to Marti Weary, the club’s founder. Weary, grade 11, saw a need for a group that could help the Horizon student body learn fiber artistry. A long time crocheter, she learned how to knit last year and has been building her skills for a year now. The club currently has members of all skill levels, ranging from very experienced (Morgan Henson, grade 10, has been knitting for years and can cable and color block) to beginners picking up a pair of needles for the first time (The majority of club attendees.) “I’m just ready to learn a completely new skill,” said Tristen Farley, grade 12. The size of the meetings have ranged from huge to small, but every person who’s shown up has shown an interest in learning and crafting. The gender ratio in the club was a pleasant surprise; the latest meeting on April 18th boasted 10 attendees, four of whom were guys. The boys definitely weren’t trying to make a statement in defiance of gender roles. Daniel Skromme, grade 12, simply said, “I just want to make a hat by the end of the year. That’s my goal.” The club hopes to eventually expand into not only knitting and crochet, but spinning, weaving, and embroidery. If you’re interested in trying your hand at a new skill or simply observing some great craft, contact Marti Weary for the next meeting time.