The End of the Beginning


Alex Dockery, used with permission by Alex Dockery.

Alex Dockery, Senior Columnist / Photographer

Last week marked the last week of my high school career. This means that I only have four more months to act like a crazy irresponsible teen until I am forced to start becoming a responsible adult. This means that I will no longer be living under the supervision of my mother, and instead I will be living with an unknown roommate in a small dorm room. This means I will no longer have someone to cook and clean for me on a daily basis, and I will become independent. The lifestyle that I have become accustomed to for the last 17 years is about to cease to exist and is going to be replaced with a completely different one.


I think we all have a slight fear of going into a situation and having no idea what you’re getting yourself into. That’s what going to college feels like to me. I have absolutely no idea what happens in college. All I know is that I am going to be doing a lot of school work, and am probably going to be stressed out a lot. I have no idea who my roommate is going to be,  is she going to be nice, crazy, lazy, messy? I have no idea! The fact that I know so little about college scares me. I’m so used to walking around the Horizon Honors hallways and seeing the same faces every day. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I have to walk for fifteen minutes on the ASU campus just to get to class. I will have to make new friends, familiarize myself with the humongous ASU campus, and learn how to adapt to college. It might be hard, and it might be scary, but I know that I have to rise to the challenge and begin this new chapter in my life.


Even though in the upcoming years I am going to be working hard to learn how to become a successful college student, I’m always going to miss my high school. I’m going to miss being a Horizon student, because even though I would always find myself complaining about the dress code or how small the school is, Horizon Honors ultimately is a pretty amazing school. Horizon Honors has taught me so much about not just what it takes to be a good student, but a good person. I have learned the proper ways to study for a test, interesting facts to tell people if ever I’m around a punch bowl, that I should never plagiarize, the importance of listening and being open to others’ opinions, and that it is extremely important to treat people with the utmost respect. Horizon Honors may be small and we might not always agree with some of the rules, but at the end of the day the things that Horizon Honors has to offer us as students are truly valuable and it’s safe for me to say that I’m going to miss this school.


As time goes on and I start to discover the type of person I am and what I  want to do with my gifts and talents, I hope that I’m always able to keep a piece of my childhood and innocence with me. I never want to get older and become so serious that I forget about the things that make life great. I don’t want to get distracted with life and forget about the things I learned as a child and young adult. I know that life can be hard and that at times I will be so lost and confused that I will want to give up, but I hope I don’t.  I hope that as time goes on I will always dream and be determined to see my dream come into fruition. To the staff of Horizon Honors, I would like to express my thanks for teaching me about what it takes to become and stay driven, and the importance of caring about the people around me and treating them well. To all of the people at Horizon Honors that I will be leaving behind once I graduate, I wish you all the best and it is my hope that you are all able to find happiness and success in your lives.