Cantabile Pre-Tour Concert


Cantabile singing at Performing Arts California Tour, used with permission by Kelly Bonowski.

Evan Rosser, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Cantabile’s 4th quarter concert was a resounding success this year. This final concert offered an array of upbeat Disney themed songs in preparation for their tour to Disneyland, and excellent instrumental accompaniment when needed.

The concert opened with Turn the World Around with Tony Salatino grade 10, Stephanie Yamamoto grade 12, and Lucas Iosue grade 10 on percussion, and was followed by You’ve Got a Friend In Me from Walt Disney’s “Toy Story” which showed the beauty of Cantiabile’s unison sound. The next song in the lineup was The Lion Sleeps Tonight, with Tony Salatino on mandolin, Chris Westersund on tenor ukulele, Logan Murphy (grade 11) on concert ukulele, and Andy Hahnke (grade 10) on guitar. The various string instruments did a lot to add to the peaceful sound of the music. Cantabile’s next song was an acapella arrangement of Walt Disney’s “Under the Sea,” which showed Cantabile’s ability to not only sing beautifully without instrumental accompaniment, but to sing their parts loud and clear while surrounded by others singing a completely different part. Keeping with the theme of the quarter, the next three songs were, Sh-Boom, Beyond the Sea, and Son de Camaguey, all which demonstrated Cantabile’s musical ability. Before Cantabile’s final song, Cori VanderLey, the choir teacher, presented the seniors and music awards of the year.

For the choral music awards of the year, Stephanie Yamamoto won the Choir Leadership award, and Aubrey Chaston won the Musicianship Award, voted on by the students. Many more students were presented with their letter or pin for their musical contributions in and outside of choir, and all the seniors were presented before the crowd. The concert had ended with the song “Build Me Up Buttercup,” a song that used a symphony of voices, and allowed the students to move loosely with the song. Cantabile’s final concert of the year was certainly a memorable one.