Mrs. Patterson: A Teacher with the Best of Both Worlds


Photo credit: Kelleigh Hogan © 2013

Mrs. Patterson helps eighth grader Emily LaBatt with her math homework.

Kelleigh Hogan, Editor-in-Chief

A unique challenge that a teacher can face is taking over a class in the middle of the year. For both teacher and students, it’s an adjustment to get to know each other. Halfway through first semester, Master Teacher Kathleen Patterson will begin teaching classes ranging from Algebra 1-2 to Calculus 1-2.

Luckily, Patterson is more than qualified. She began teaching in 1986 (she wants you to figure out the math) and has taught in Minnesota and Iowa, in addition to her work in Arizona. She has been working at Horizon Honors for 15 years; as master teacher, she was involved with curriculum development (especially in math), converting to Common Core, and helping and observing other teachers. Patterson can’t decide between being a master teacher or teacher, since her love of teaching extends to helping both students and teachers.

Since she loves teaching, Patterson doesn’t mind the adjustment, although she wishes she could have more time to get to know her students. In addition to Algebra 1-2 and Calculus 1-2, she teaches College Algebra and Trigonometry/Brief Calculus. Although all the classes are important, Patterson believes Algebra 1-2 is key because it covers the fundamentals for later courses. She looks forward to helping the students in her new classes.