SportsCenter: A Sporty Social

Erica Kendree, Columnist

Middle school will host their quarterly social on Feb. 21. As the date approaches, the middle school Student Council has started to plan out the details that contribute to a great night. The social will take place in the multipurpose room from 6-8pm, with dancing, free food, and music played by Radio Club.

Eighth grader Roshi Patel, a student council member, states that the upcoming social will be called SportsCenter. This is the first time sports has been a theme. Patel mentioned, “There are going to be different sports related games such as basketball and a ring toss. I am very excited for this social and think the turnout will be good.”

With a great outcome at the last social, student council and students alike are excited to see the result of this upcoming event. Eighth grader Madison Deutsch said,” I am very excited for the upcoming social! It seems like it will be be a blast!”