до свидания

Rob Dixon, Columnist

As the seniors approach the end of the next chapter of their lives, many of us may have regrets. Whether we regret not joining something, not doing something, not meeting new people, or, heck, even meeting new people too late. Most of these tend to be ill-founded, because, well, I can’t really tell you why they are, but for the sake of moving on, we’ve got to look past all that we didn’t do, and think about what we have done: all that we’ve accomplished, who we have impacted, and where we were four years ago.

Four years ago I had no idea that I’d ever be the lead in a show, that I’d ever end up where I am now. I had originally planned just to coast along and stay in the background. Freshman year was the main example of this, tech crew in Arsenic and Old Lace, then just a few background roles in Bye Bye Birdie. Then sophomore year happened. Mainly second semester, the first half of sophomore year I took an ‘apprenticeship’ under Tristen, and then second semester I became Student Director and Tech Director for Guys and Dolls. That’s when it all started to take off. People, started to know who I was and was widely known. From there, well it kept going. Junior year for Mouse That Roared, Student Director, and basically every background part and understudy. Second semester, I became the villain for Curtains. Then senior year. So much happened, that it is truly difficult to put into words. I’ve met so many wonderful people, done so many great things. I hope to all higher beings that these relationships I formed and these feelings keep going.

Now, everything has ups and downs, it  is a necessary part of life, but it’s what make it livable, and adventurous and everything but mundane. On that note, we have to move on and hold onto what we’ve learned, for better or for worse. Lessons will be learned regardless of what happens.

As we leave, we leave behind a legacy, doesn’t have to be a big one, but it is one nonetheless, and often with legacies come remembrances, quotes, actions, memories what have you. A few months back I had a conversation with a dear friend of mine, the subject being leaving behind scraps for people. Think of your life as a book, each chapter you leave behind a manuscript, now it rarely ever is one piece. That’s my hope for all of you when I leave, that I have left these scraps of myself with you, enough to make this chapter worth reading.