Source: Devin Jones

Rob Dixon, Columnist

Rob is a senior in high school, whose time is mostly spent at rehearsals for the school's productions. Whatever time he has after rehearsals, school, and homework, is generally spent wasting time on the internet, or playing a variety of video games. Hobbies of his include, gaming on the Xbox 360, PS3, and the computer, photography, playing either the drums, ukulele, or guitar.  Even though he is quite an amateur at the 2 latter, he continues to play on when he can, hoping to lengthen his skills.

An actor at  heart, but also a decent singer, he hopes to some day become a well-known Broadway director. Although, he has no clue on how to go about doing that. Continuing past this point into academics, he maintains A and B averages, rarely ever falling below a B in any of his classes. This year, he is in two honors classes, and possibly a third by the end of the first semester. However, the two he has are in Drama and Choir, so not your typical academic forté. But that's okay, because Rob is a calm mind, with quite a bit of ideas that he wishes to someday bring into fruition.

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