Class Spotlight: Cooking with Culinary

Culinary Arts is definitely a class with hidden talents. Teacher Tamera Heinrich, discusses benefits of the class, her favorite parts of the class and the message behind the story, “The Little Red Hen.”

Students in Heinrich’s Block 1 make Broccoli and Cheese Soup.
Students state they love being in Culinary Arts and are excited for future recipes
like appetizers.

Photo Courtesy of Arlayna Schooley

Students in Heinrich’s Block 1 make Broccoli and Cheese Soup. Students state they love being in Culinary Arts and are excited for future recipes like appetizers.

Arlayna Schooley, Editor of Features & Extras/Arts & Entertainment

The sweet and savory smells, the colorful ingredients, and a white chef’s hat are all part of the class that is Culinary Arts. Find out what goes on behind the scenes as I talk about Culinary Arts. Bon appetite!

The Horizon Sun: Can you explain the benefits and highlights that come with taking Culinary Arts?

Tamara Heinric: My favorite part would definitely be watching the students learn while having fun. It’s like having one big family, and I really enjoy getting to watch that happen.


The Sun: How long have you been teaching Culinary?

Mrs. Heinrich: I taught three sections last year and this will be my first year teaching it full-time.


The Sun: You mention teaching Culinary for two years, what did you do before that? Why the change?

Mrs. Heinrich: I’ve been working at Horizon Honors for 13 years.

Mrs. Heinrich helped in Culinary when Mr. Agostini and Mr. Tamburino needed a sub. She was also a guest chef during a few of the classes.  “I loved being with and cooking with the students so much that when the opportunity came to teach the class, I was very excited and happy to be able to do it.”  Heinrich also shared she had various office jobs including: health office coordinator, attendance clerk, athletic assistant, and administrative assistant.


The Sun: At the beginning of the year, you presented the story “The Little Red Hen” as a teaching tool to teach the students an important message. What did you want students to take from that?

Mrs. Heinrich: This story is about a hen who is making bread. When she is preparing to make the the bread ie. planting the wheat, reaping the wheat, grinding the wheat into flour, and then baking the bread, none of her friends wanted to help her. When she was done baking the bread she asks “Who will help me eat this bread?” That is when her friends are willing to help. Just like in the story Culinary is about teamwork and all members contributing and putting effort into the dish they’re preparing. If you’re not willing to do the work then it’s not fair for you to “reap the rewards.”


The Sun: What is your favorite part about this class?

Mrs. Heinrich: Being with the students! They are incredible young men and young women and when I see them excited to cook and enjoying what they have made, it fills my heart with joy. And in addition to this, when they take their recipes home and prepare those recipes to share with their families, I’m so happy!


The Sun: For who would you recommend this class?

Mrs. Heinrich: Everyone! Learning to cook is a life skill. Learning the nutritional benefit of foods, how to shop economically for those foods, and how to prepare meals safely for yourself and others to enjoy are skills that will last a lifetime. There is so much more to Culinary Arts than just eating.