Student Spotlight: Anna LaBatt

Anna LaBatt won Chandler’s Trashion Fashion Show with her intricate dress made entirely out of trash.


Photo Courtesy of Zach Asato

Student Anna LaBatt recently competed in a competition using recyclable materials to create clothing. She was selected as one of the winners for the competition.

Emmy Walker, Columnist

Trash. When people hear this word, the response is usually negative. However, Chandler’s Trashion Fashion Show has redefined the meaning of it: gorgeous clothes made of recycled materials.

On 23 Sept. 2014, hopeful contestants gathered at the City’s Environmental Education Center with their designs made out of trash. There were three categories: ages 10-13, 14-17, and 18+. Horizon Honors’ own junior Anna LaBatt won in the 14-17 category with her gorgeous gown made of plastic shopping bags that she ironed together. It was embellished with sequins and flowers that were also made of recycled materials: coffee bags, and pieces of a belt. LaBatt wanted her dress to resemble a wedding dress, with ruffles added for an elegant touch. All the designs were judged by Shari Keith, Dori Morales, and Kim Kaan. Some of the pieces were on display at Chandler City Hall and Vision Gallery in November for America Recycles Day on the 15th.

LaBatt decided to enter this contest because she loves making costumes, and making it out of trash seemed like a challenge she was up for. She spent the summer making the dress, and her efforts were all worth it. LaBatt said, “ I was surprised when I won. I was so excited, and glad my hard work paid off.”

Anna LaBatt not only won the fashion show, but she was also helping the environment by using recycled materials. She didn’t know that she would win it, but she still took a chance and gave it her all. This is one of the main goals of Horizon Honors: to take chances and use your talents, whether you succeed or not.